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  • Hilary Morrison

    thanks for posting this – my son has a diagnosis of aspergers but reading this, am seriously questioning that it should be PDA. I am covered in bruises from just asking him to wash, clean teeth and the “normal” hygiene things. But the most enlightening area was that they let everything go when they get home and act fine out/at school etc. I am so tired of professionals telling me, I am lying or exaggerating what he does.


    • What would happen if he went to school unwashed, I wonder? I’ve been through similar with my ASD son. Risperidone was a last resort, I put it off for maybe a year, but it made such a difference (and he’s not on it now because he improved over time). I’ve also just read a very similar account in another blog: http://autisticson.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/out-of-control/

      I just wanted you to know you’re not alone, for what it’s worth. It’s awful when people don’t believe you and you’re the one on the receiving end of being physically hurt and screamed at. It’s like abuse (by the professionals). I wonder if the National Autistic Society would be able to offer any advice?

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  • Once again Tania has provided a supportive platform known as Special Needs Jungle to assist us in raising much needed PDA awareness, it was an absolute pleasure meeting her, and look forward to future projects together. We really appreciate this unique service which reaches out and amplifies our voices into homes across the country. Special Needs Jungle a real gem. Our huge thanks.

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