SEN Reforms

Here at SNJ, we talk quite a bit about politics and, specifically, SEN reform.

The reforms to the SEN system are due to be implemented from September 2014; earlier if your LA is a pathfinder champion

If you have a child with a statement or on any level of SEN, you need to know about this and below we have gathered all the posts we’ve written about SEN reform and politics.

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Finding out about SENDirect:  Delivering choice and control to families


As a result of the SEN reforms, the landscape around special needs has suddenly got a whole lot more complicated. Local Offers, Independent Supporters, Mediation providers, the SEND Gateway and another grouping, SEND consortium, and its new offering called SENDirect. SENDirect … Keep Reading…

Day 4: The Flow Chart for if you disagree with SEN provision (or lack of it)

I think, somehow, that this might prove to be an oft visited post. While the government’s aims are for high quality SENCos to interpret the new SEND Code of Practice and skillfully provide the right SEN help to each child … Keep Reading…

The new SEND system Flow Chart 3: Conducting an Education, Health & Care Assessment

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And so, day three… You’ve applied for an assessment for your child’s special educational needs and lo! you get the go ahead from the local authority. What happens next? The main difference is that you, as with the initial application, … Keep Reading…

The new SEND system Flow Chart 2: Requesting an Education, Health & Care Assessment

So, after yesterday’s post showing the headlines for the Assess, Plan, Do, Review Graduated Approach, we now turn to what happens if you’ve been there, tried that and the interventions that have been tried have had poor or no results … Keep Reading…

The new SEND system as a flow chart: Part 1, SEN Support


Anyone a bit confused about how the new SEN system process, starting on 1st September 2014, will piece together? Where you start, what’s next, what’s instead of School Action and School Action Plus? We have something that may make it … Keep Reading…

The new SEND Code of Practice approved by Parliament! See our co-produced SEND reform infographic


I’m imagining a champagne cork or two is being popped in the Department for Education SEND Division today – the new SEND Code of Practice has been approved, in time for implementation on September 1st 2014. Although this is the … Keep Reading…

SEN Minister Ed Timpson talks to Special Needs Jungle (video)

Ed Timpson & SNJ

We are approaching the SEN reform legislative finish line with Parliamentary approval of the new SEND Code of Practice so close I can feel its breath on the back of my neck. It is, of course not really a finish … Keep Reading…

Parents in the cold over developing the Independent Supporter role

independent support

Curiouser and Curiouser. No sooner does the Council for Disabled Children reveal the names of those organisations picked to provide Independent Support to parents in the new Education Health and Care Plan system, than the National Network of Parent Carer … Keep Reading…

What do you want SEN & disability professionals to know about working with parents?


This November, I’m delighted to have been invited to speak at an upcoming Optimus Education conference - The New SEND Framework: Legal Obligations & Practical Solutions. This is mainly, of course, for professionals working in SEN and Disability to learn about … Keep Reading…