About Guest Posts

about guest posts

We are always interested in carrying guest posts featuring interesting content that can help families and professionals involved with special needs children and young people. However, before you get in touch please read this page through to the end.

* If you are a parent of a child with SEN, disabilities or who has a rare condition and would like to tell your story, or a practitioner with valuable insight to share, please contact us from the form at the bottom of the page*.

If you are a charity, support group or non-profit, please read our DISCLOSURE page before you get in touch if you would like your organisation or campaign to be featured. You can also add your link for free to our Resource Directory

Sponsored Posts/Reviews

Please see our page on Disclosure and sponsored posts/reviews here

Advertising and sponsorship

We are developing our advertising system so that we can better fund our site, which is non-profit. For advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch using the form below.


SNJ is run & funded by volunteer parents. Everything on SNJ is free to use, but if we’ve helped you, please consider a small donation towards our running costs.

Note to "Professional" freelance bloggers

We are sorry, but we DO NOT accept random guest posts by 'professional' bloggers from outside the world of SEN and disability. You may say you've spent "time studying our site" but we know you really haven't. Please save yourself the time and don't contact us as we will not reply.

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