SNJ’s Disclosure Policy


Although we run SNJ on a voluntary basis, there are running costs and we also want to be able to get the word out at paid events about our resources (and pay for printing costs for those resources, as well as get to events too!). We also want to ensure that we get a fair deal from anyone who would benefit financially from appearing on SNJ. We have a number of awesome regular donors and occasional donations from grateful readers too. You can donate to support us here:


If we have published something that you think is an error, please get in touch to let us know so w can investigate and, in necessary, make a correction

Book Reviews

We do review some books and products at the request of authors or publishers. Sometimes we offer this for free or just with a giveaway of one or two copies or items. These are usually when the book has been written by a parent or person with SEN or a disability.

Other times, if the book or product is by a company or other commercial enterprise, we charge a sponsored post fee. We have a rate card for this that can be sent on request.

We may also attach our Amazon Associates tracking code to any links to books on the Amazon UK site. This generates a small commission at no cost to the user.

Sponsored posts

We do, from time to time, run sponsored posts where we receive a fee for running the post. This is IF what is being promoted is in line with our mission and aims (see charging rationale below). Posts are circa 800 words and can include a link, image and embedded video, e.g, YouTube or Vimeo.

Why we charge

As a non-profit, volunteer-led social enterprise, we still need to pay overheads such as hosting fees, domain renewals, website security, publicity materials and other related costs. Until recently, these were paid our of our own pocket but as we have become more popular, we have had to take on hosting with a greater capacity, which of course, costs more.

All the money we make and any donations go to service these costs and, in time, we also hope to be able to reimburse expenses incurred in promoting the website such as attending events and parent talks that we aren't able to charge travel expenses for.

Contra Arrangements

At times, we agree to ‘contra' arrangements, where we provide a post, promotion, or other services, in exchange for something that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to do, such as attend paid-for conferences or other events. It’s a mutually beneficial and fair arrangement. 

Our policy

We feel very strongly that when we promote someone else on our site, or on our extensive social networks that we have spent years building, this should attract recompense. So, our policy is:

  • If you are a charity or non-profit and you are promoting your free services or charitable campaign, the post and/or social media share is free of charge.
  • If the charity or non-profit is promoting a paid-for service, this will attract a charge.
  • If you are a parent or disabled person and have written a book about your experiences or to help others, you will be asked for a giveaway for readers of whatever it is you are promoting but no fee will be charged.
  • If you are or represent a for-profit company, any sponsored posts, reviews or social media shares attract a charge.
  • If a for-profit enterprise is giving something away for free or running a free event, we may be happy to promote it for free on our social media, although you may like to make a voluntary donation in return.

We think this is fair.

How we indicate sponsored posts

Sponsored posts or reviews will be clearly marked with an asterisk in the first paragraph and a corresponding asterisk at the end of the post with a note of the sponsor and link to our disclosure policy. Any review will be written with integrity with an honest viewpoint, regardless of payment.

Sponsorship and support

SNJ is delighted to be supported by National Star College who have made a donation to help support the site for 2017. As a thank you, we carry a sidebar banner with a link back to their site.

If you are interested in supporting us in this way, please get in touch.

Any questions about anything above or if you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you or to see our rate card, email us.

Any and all money we make above the costs of running the site remain with the company and will be used to fund further activities and plans that help families supporting disabled children and young people [SNJ is a registered at Companies House as a non-profit Limited by Guarantee company. No: 9162844]