About Barney @AspieDeLaZouch

aspiedelazouchMy name is Barney Angliss and until recently, I was a SEN Co-ordinator in a mainstream secondary school (let’s not dwell on the Academy aspect) and I’m a little bit on the Aspie side of the street. Since I was diagnosed, my psychologist asks why everything has to be a battle with me. Is she trying to start something? Back off, Doc, or take it outside.

@AspieDeLaZouch is, of course a pseudonym for a school SENCo who, as the handle might suggest, also has Asperger syndrome. It's also my Twitter handle.

Previously, I was Deputy Head of a Pupil Referral Unit and before that I was an SEN Manager for a Local Authority. On reflection, I think my career has followed Dante (Inferno, Purgatorio and, now, Paradiso).

The best advice I ever received, prior to being diagnosed by the psychologist, came – conversely – from a Lacanian psychotherapist who convinced me that “you have to work with it” (whatever the ‘it’ may be in your particular circumstance). She added, “It’s wider than you think”, which put me in mind of Chagall’s beautiful painting, “Time Is A River Without Banks”, and gave me hope. Quite possibly, she changed my life; then she asked me why everything has to be a battle with me… Oh, come on, guys. Really?

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