About Marguerite

About Marguerite

Marguerite Haye
Marguerite Haye

Marguerite Haye joined us as a columnist toward the end of 2015. Her role has since expanded and she is one of our volunteer core team members as Associate Editor, administering Ask IPSEA and generally being indispensable!

Marguerite is a mother of three, children, and she understands how passionate you can be as a parent to get the right outcome for your children. One of her children is partially deaf and received very little support throughout their education, and the other suffers from a chronic illness, which meant frequent hospital admissions. Her understanding coupled with her professional experience and enthusiasm for creating enjoyable learning experiences for children and young people is perfect for her role at SNJ.

Marguerite has experienced some of the difficulties children with SEND face, as she was diagnosed with Dyslexia at 42 and also has a rare disease.  However, this did not stop her as she went onto successfully achieve an HND in Computing, BA Hons in Education, and is due to graduate with an MA in Autism.

Marguerite is an independent special education teacher and can assess your child's needs and identify the provision as part of the parental/school evidence during the Sen Support/ EHCNA/ EHCP process. 

We're very excited to have Marguerite as a columnist and hope she will bring lots of examples of good practice that parents can be empowered by and practitioners can learn from.

If you would like to contact Marguerite professionally, you can find her on LinkedIn or her email is marguerite@specialneedsjungle.com