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About Matt Keer

Matt Keer
Matt Keer


Matt Keer is the parent of two deaf children and a long-standing SNJ columnist. He had to take his LA to the SEND Tribunal, to get the educational provision his children needed. It was a bruising time. In an blog on the NDCS campaign site, Matt said, "We got there in the end, as a family. We went through Tribunal, some of us broke briefly, but we mended ourselves and the boys finally – finally – now have a full shot at life. It was worth it – but it never, ever, should have been this way. It never should have been allowed to be this way."

As a result of Matt's articles for SNJ, he was invited to give evidence at two SEND inquiries - the Education Committee and the Public Accounts Committee. He was part of the SNJ delegation to the Department for Education to feed into the Lee Scott inquiry and dug deep to highlight taxpayer funds paid by local authorities to the law firm in the BS Twitter Storm. He's great at finding and analysing obscure data that SEND departments would rather you didn't know about.

Matt's posts on SNJ

Matt's posts on SNJ