We have a lot of answered questions on the site about aspects of SEND that you may find useful. Some have been answered by IPSEA, the legal charity that is dedicated to helping parents through the complicated SEND legal system. Others are from out IPSEA-trained team members, Marguerite Haye and Helen Gifford.

If you want to ask your own question, you need to sign up as an SNJ member - it’s free to do so. It will be answered on the site. Please note, this is NOT for urgent questions as it takes up to a month for IPSEA to get back to us with answers.

 About Ask IPSEA


In this great link-up between Special Needs Jungle and the brilliant legal charity, IPSEA, we have answered some of  YOUR SEND legal queries. This service is free of charge and is intended to build up a bank of legally-compliant reader-submitted questions that will be useful to many people whether parents or practitioners.

IPSEA will answer questions every month that are sent in via the form below. Please keep your question concise and only include the relevant information. If you looking for fast help or if  your query is too personal or complicated to be answered publicly online, you should also contact IPSEA directly. All answers published will be anonymised to protect your privacy

When we receive your question, Marguerite will decide whether to answer it herself, or to pass it along to our IPSEA partners for a more detailed response.

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IPSEA provide free, independent, legally based advice and support to parents who have children that have Special Educational Needs and/ or a disability as they navigate the education system. The IPSEA website is a comprehensive source of information on the law with over 300 downloadable support sheets.

They also provide an e-mail information service, telephone advice lines and individual casework for parents. Working through over 250 trained volunteers, IPSEA are the largest single supporter of parents taking cases to the SEND Tribunal. IPSEA also provide comprehensive training in SEN law, Exclusion law and the Equality Act to parents and educational professionals including LAs and schools.

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