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The new Asperger's Links site
The new Asperger's Links site

I've just started another new site which concentrates on resources for people affected by or interested in Asperger Syndrome. It's called Asperger's Links and already has several sections, such as Help & Advice, Forums, ASD Blogs, Education etc.

I started this so people can find the links and read a short piece about the site before visiting. They'll also know that the sites come recommended.

I'm looking for ideas for new sections and for good links. If you have or know of a good site to add, leave a comment in the relevant section and I'll add it. If there is no relevant section yet, leave a comment in the post called "Your category ideas" This way we can share knowledge and add to the list of sites you find interesting because if you find it interesting, so might someone else who would never otherwise have come across it. Look forward to hearing from you!

Tania Tirraoro

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