How do you develop a meaningful pathway to employment for young people with SEND?

With Roseanna Gooder – Lead for 16-19 Pathway, Work Related and Vocational Learning at Swiss Cottage School, Development and Research Centre When specialist leader in education, Roseanna Gooder, approached us …

Shots fired! Secretary of State in legal challenge over SEND Coronavirus changes

The relaxation to the duties on LAs to make the provision in EHCPs has left disabled children without the legal protection to ensure an adequate education. But a parent has taken the steps to challenge this.

It is a mistake to assume all vulnerable children are ‘at risk of harm’

Coronavirus has divided Britain into those who are vulnerable and those who are not. But vulnerable means different things to different groups of people, and it’s important to still differentiate between vulnerable because of need and vulnerable because of risk, especially when talking about children with SEND

Edward Timpson and Jane Ellison: “Our reforms are boosting the life chances of children with SEND”

As parent carers we often measure our successes in the little victories we achieve on a day to day basis. They may not seem significant to some, but to us …