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Wandering the special needs web this week, I found the following blogs and news stories you might be interested in. Also, if you think Special Needs Jungle is a "brilliant blog", I'd be super-grateful if you would please vote for in the  BritMums blog awards in the CHANGE category. Thanks!

Tania Tirraoro


  1. Lazaridis

    We are looking for a new placement for my son but need to get the right placement this time after what my family and son have been through (please see below) and I would like your help. To enable us to make the correct decision we need to ask the right questions. Would anybody have a list of
    relevant questions we could use.

    My son is extremely vulnerable. He has non verbal communication, very complex, severely autistic,highly sensory, has a complete global disposition of the world around him, is epileptic and totally reliant on the people who look after him. He is currently on a 52 week residential but sadly it has not worked out for him. There has been a recent alleged assault and in the past 2 years we have had to raise some serious issues with this Residential.
    At the school previous to this he was also assaulted, which ended up in Crown Court.

    We need a 52 week Residential School in the UK that is safe, and could meet our son’s needs as above.

    We really must get the next place right, with trained and skilled people, to ensure our son is not at risk again. We are looking for a place that preferably has an outstanding Ofsted.

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