Statementing Book

This is my new book, available in paperback (£6.99) and eformat to help parents in the UK draft the best possible application they can for a statutory assessment. It also details going through the process through to school placement, and if you get there, Tribunal.

It has a parent-to-parent approach and is written in a clear, friendly and easy to understand way. It offers a step-by-step way to making sure you have everything you need to get the help that your child needs.

If you are not from the UK and you need to compile a thorough document detailing your child's educational needs, you may also find this book useful.

Click on the image for your region's Amazon store. If you have a different ereader, you can find your e-copy at Smashwords. It should also be available at other bookstores. If you wish to order it locally to you, the ISBN is 978-1908603586


  1. Alicia

    I purchased two copies of this book for my friends with SEN children whose children should have been statemented a long time ago but because they believed what they were being told by the teachers that their children didn’t need statements, they didn’t request them. One of the children in question is now being assessed for a statement and the other parent is in the process of reading the book. I wish I had read it before going through the process as it’s a really well written and informative book and will be spreading the word about it. Thank you

    1. Yes, I will. I’m just in a three week inpatient physical rehab right now but after next week, I will be starting. The advice about advocacy however – gathering reports, getting organised, still applies, even if you have an independent supporter. They are, as yet, an unknown quantity. I’m transferring both my both in the next two terms do I will have direct experience myself to draw on, as well as experience of helping to develop the reforms.

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