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A listening ear and potential voice for Black Majority Ethnic People (BME), Faith Groups and Wider Friends & Family (BMF) in their collective experiences of Mental Health Services in the UK and parts of the world we are in.

BME Volunteers specifically focuses on the National Health Service (NHS) and Partners, provisions, delivery and evaluation of its Health and Social Care Services to the most vulnerable young black ethnic children transitioning from adolescent to adult care.

We research, survey, debate, and discuss diet and nutrition at home to school, wider social settings, exercise as well as other factors identified by our collective experiences. Pertaining to the impact of our past, present and future NHS services in working hoping to bring stable mental and physical well being to BME service users and the even more vulnerable non-service users alike.

We endeavor to give a stage and voice to the most vulnerable people in our society which happens to be BME on many Key Indicators. Even more so, we pray that we can at worst listen to some of the experiences of the most vulnerable, silently and pause, yet living next door, street, borough, town, city, country wherever is our kind. The African Immigrant and future children.

We do not want or give money as donations, accept or give payments of any kind, deal in, entertain, from any perspective the ‘invisible black backhand’. Be it liquid or illiquid gold, we humbly and patiently repeat, "please rest assured that, we love and enjoy what we do , we are have been inspired, hope to inspire, so you too may inspire".

We are based in Greenwich, London UK and provide Advocacy, Pidgin translations and attempt to colloquialize often Complex Mental Health or related issues in the Local and Greater London area with plenty of demand from our brothers and sisters for our kind of food and water.

We are not a business or not for profit organisation or linked to any charity, church, religion, cult, atheists, creed, governments, political systems or ideology, philosophy or something else that you thought off.

BME simply takes joy in what we do, how we do it, whom we do it for and with and most of all what we are doing it for.

Join BME Volunteers and help yourself, and others, whilst serving our people suffering with mental health illnesses, so we can collectively make at worst case, the least worse decisions. Most of all, so our children and grandchildren of creation may live in PEACE.

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