The Children’s Reflexology Programme for Additional Needs

The Children’s Reflexology Programme for Additional Needs
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Reflexology is known to aid relaxation and is proven to be effective in children of all ages. On this unique award winning course you will learn reflexology techniques which you (or the child) can use whether they are out and about, in the school environment or at home. The reflexology techniques you will learn do not require the removal of clothing meaning that it can be used at any time and in any place.

The course uses 'appropriate touch' so as not to confuse social boundaries for children and minimises attention (and thus anxiety) drawn to the child when it is being used proactively (or in response to a situation). The reflexology techniques have been developed in an age appropriate way combining song and story to support with engagement and to make this part of an every day interaction / activity.

The reflexology taught can be used proactively for health and relaxation on an everyday basis as well as reactivity when needed. Many children are now using the reflexology themselves when they feel the need and seeking out their 'adult' asking for it when they need. The most common responses shown by children who have The Children's Reflexology Programmes techniques used with them are: improved relaxation, sleep improvement, sustaining concentration for longer duration, able to cope with transitions easier, improved toleration to change in routine, improved digestive function and reduction in pain, others have shown reduced stammer, less symptoms of dyspraxia and improved appetite.

Two courses are available. Courses run for parents and courses run for professionals who work with those with additional needs. Parents courses can be run across the UK for a minimum of 6 parents - please get in touch to request a course in a specific area if there is not currently one arranged in your area. Professionals courses are delivered on 'site' so as to minimise expense and distribution to the service.
Courses are appropriate for children with autism, anxiety, mental health issues, learning disability, severe and profound disability and degenerative conditions.
This course has been devised by a reflexologist with over 20 years experience with support from a learning disability nurse with over 13 years experience.

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