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Welcome to our Support Group.
Dyspraxia About is truly a labour of love. Whilst our admin team worked as part of the largest online support group for Developmental Co-ordination Disorder we Combined the wisdom and experience of thousands of adults and parents of dyspraxic children and we would now like to share it with you. We are not intending to take the place of the professionals but help you on your journey by offering a comfort blanket when you need it and point you in the right direction. Within this group you can share stories and experiences with each other. Although we do have professionals' within our admin team who can answer your questions, you will gain the most support from people who have been on the same journey as yourselves. https://www.facebook.com/AboutDyspraxia

Please also help us to raise awareness for Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia by visiting and LIKING our Support page. Just click on the link above.
Thank you from the Admin Team

please also see my youtube video http://youtu.be/k9bg-KZ4jfI

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This blog contains information on resources, access, solutions and inclusive education

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Blog by parent of autistic child

Website Address: AutismMumma
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A blog about life as a single mother carer to a child with a rare condition, Chromosome 18q-.
A helpful resource providing practical tips I pick up on our journey.

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Downs Side Up is an acclaimed blog about parenting a child with Down's Syndrome.

What do you offer? (One sentence only): Free printable SEN teaching resources and articles.
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A whole range of resources aimed at Autistic learners.

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This blog is the story of Joseph (and his Mum) and the rollercoaster journey they share living life with autism. Tina tries to bring a different perspective to autism sharing highs and lows in her unique way.

Tina was the BAPS SEND Blog Awards Newcomer winner 2017.

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A blog charting the journey and adventures of Hannah, who has a rare genetic condition called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and .whose favourite food is broccoli (hence the title!)…and the experiences and observations of her extraordinarily proud mummy (me).

Possibly long winded at times (don’t say I didn’t warn you!), almost definitely grammatically incorrect (but hey, you can’t have everything, right?) and unreservedly heartfelt and painfully honest.

We’re happy to share some of our life with you. So, come on in (but please wipe your feet – it’s the house rules), make yourself comfy whilst I put the kettle on/grab the biscuits…and join us on our occasionally bumpy journey, with all its twists and turns and without the aid of a sat nav.

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Hi. I’m Hannah. I like to see the rosy side of life, when I can. This blog is born out of the everyday experiences and extraordinary encounters of being mother to a special needs child. Buzz by Rosy & Bo is an inspirational, informational and occasionally irreverent take on the special side of life.

More recently I joined forces with two wonderful friends to bring you www.rosyandbo.com an online marketplace full of inspired gifts, innovative products and useful tips for special needs families. We believe we are unique, one of a kind you might say…

Without Lesley and Lauren, I would never have rejoined the workplace. My commitments as a special needs mum made going back to work a very far fetched idea. But they were sure we were on to something and supported me, gave me confidence and together we made it happen!

More and more it is becoming a really friendly place to be, a neighbourhood you might say – a place for sharing informative tips, practical products and helpful ideas, all in one inspiring place.

This blog is PR-friendly and I work with brands and companies I trust and believe in.

If you want to get in touch email me at

Website Address: Special Needs blog
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Our aim is to offer high quality special needs teaching resources, in a wide range of resource types to fit all learning styles. As our resources are all digital, educators can basically just grab and go! We cover core subjects; a wide range of phonics resources, as well as emotional literacy support materials.