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Formerly known as the PDA Contact Group, the PDA Society aims to offer support, advice and information to anyone involved with an individual with PDA, whether suspected or diagnosed, child or adult.

The PDA Society is a voluntary organisation, overseen by a management committee, each of whom is a parent of a child with PDA.

The PDA Contact Group was originally set up in 1997 to put people with an interest in PDA in touch with each other, which we still do today through our discussion forum. The change in name to the PDA Society is a reflection that we are becoming more than a ‘contact group’ and see ourselves as the voice for PDA, running awareness campaigns and sharing information.

Our objectives include:
to raise awareness and understanding about the condition
to signpost people towards gaining a diagnosis
providing a telephone support line
sending people information through email or post about PDA
putting families in touch with each other locally
imparting good quality information about the condition as new research comes out
and providing people with information to set up their own local support groups.

We will fund these objectives through direct donations to the group, proceeds from awareness days, and any funding we manage to secure through grants/awards. We aim to become a registered charity in the future to be able to further those aims

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Research Autism is the only UK charity exclusively dedicated to research into interventions in autism. We carry out high quality, independent research into new and existing health, education, social and other interventions, enabling those affected by autism to make informed decisions around treatments and therapies.

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This is a SEND local engagement resource for voluntary sector providers of children’s palliative care in England. This aims to help services identify and engage the people and organisations in their local health, care and education sectors who can be influential in bringing about more integrated assessments and services for children and young people with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions. They include commissioners, providers and other system leaders. Our resource includes:

stakeholder maps
advice on how to contact individuals and organisations
suggested content for introductory emails and letters
key messages about children’s palliative care and life-threatening and life-limiting conditions in children.

Speech Link Parent Portal
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Free advice, resources and activities to help parents, carers and schools support speech and language work at home
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At Speech Link Multimedia Ltd we believe that every child should have access to support for their speech, language and communication needs to help them reach their full potential.

Our speech activities will help your child to hear the difference between speech sounds (sound discrimination) and to identify sounds at the beginning and ends of words (phonics). These skills are important for both talking and reading.

Our language activities will help develop your child’s ability to follow instructions, understand talking and learn new words more easily.

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Take Note
Address: 11140 Rockville Pike #400
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A free blog for parents and educators.
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Take note is a free blog with a variety of topics regarding special education. Our goal is to share important information, ideas, tips, and practices with parents, families, and educators.

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Takiwatanga Support Services
Address: SS11 8JP
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We run Support Groups for parents of autistic children and organise activities for the children.
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We offer free support and help with EHCP and tribunal process. Within South Essex we run Woodland Warriors and Family Board Game Club for autistic children.

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Supports children and young people with Down Syndrome, their parents/carers and all those professionals involved in their care, health and Education

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Prepared by and for families that support a learning disabled child or adult. Written from a Wales perspective with details especially relevant to those living in Cardiff or the Vale of Glamorgan.