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The aim of this ‘Developing Key Working’ Guide is to offer guidance to those involved in developing, managing and
delivering key working.


The main page about SEND on the Department for Education website


The Act has two main purposes – to harmonise discrimination law, and to strengthen the law to support progress on equality.

11.The Act brings together and re-states all the enactments listed in paragraph 4 above and a number of other related provisions. It will harmonise existing provisions to give a single approach where appropriate. Most of the existing legislation will be repealed. The Equality Act 2006 will remain in force (as amended by the Act) so far as it relates to the constitution and operation of the Equality and Human Rights Commission; as will the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, so far as it relates to Northern Ireland.

A useful resource to find your Local Authority when applying for a statement

A Special Needs Jungle themed One Page Profile Template to download. Free to use and share. Download a free PDF of the SNJ- One Page Profile by clicking here

Special Needs Jungle

Leaflets for young people explaining changes to the special educational needs and disability support system that start on 1 September 2014.