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The book responds to the needs of teenagers who are living with the many, often hidden, effects of brain injury. Produced by The Children's Trust, the book involved young people in its creation from the outset. There was also important input from expert child brain injury clinicians.
It includes advice and strategies on themes including fatigue, behaviour, decision making and becoming more independent. It also includes real stories and photos of teenagers.
Me and my brain is provided to families and young people free of charge (post and packaging costs only).

Supporting a child with FOP: a practical guide to their learning journey
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A book for parents, teachers, and educational professionals with medical and practical information to support a child living with the rare genetic disorder fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, FOP
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This is a free downloadable book. For a child who has FOP, the charity can send out a copy of the book free of charge to the family and the school.

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