Parent Carer Foundation

Parent Carer Foundation
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A network of support for parents, carers and professionals who supporting children, young people and adults in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole
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The charitable purpose of Parent Carer Foundation is to give parents and families a voice for their children, young people and adults with all kinds of disability or SEND with or without a diagnosis, we have a large database of parents/carers that we support, advocate, empower and educate to raise awareness and change perception to break down those barriers around all kinds of disabilities and mental health.

Parent Carer Foundation is run by trained experienced volunteers who have enhanced DBS and have first hand experience who will offer support, advice and signpost to parents, carers and families regardless of age who are carrying out a caring role, everyone is welcome to sign up and attend our many mornings and evening events.
Young children are welcome to attend our day-time events, families are welcome to bring their own support worker from other agencies if they wish.
We run a wide range of monthly training and workshops across the year that is open to parents/carers and professionals. These events are an attempt to support through times of change and at whatever stage of the journey parents/carers may find themselves. These are open to parents/carers of children and young people of any age with SEND or disabilities with or without a diagnosis. Young adults are welcome to attend evening sessions with their families if they wish to do so. We hold many coffee mornings and events throughout Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.
These mornings are open to families with young children, parents/carers who are welcome to attend to grab a coffee, have a chat and be involved and share any concerns. Our volunteers are experienced and will offer help and signpost you to the relevant services and will support you throughout the whole process so you are not on your own.

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Takiwatanga Support Services
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We run Support Groups for parents of autistic children and organise activities for the children.
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We offer free support and help with EHCP and tribunal process. Within South Essex we run Woodland Warriors activity sessions and a Family Board Game Club, both specifically for autistic children and those with social anxiety.


Takiwatanga Support Services is a South Essex based, registered charity (CIO no. 1184723). The trustees are either parents of autistic children, or professionals who work with SEND children.

Takiwatanga was set up to relieve the needs of autistic children (and/or children with social anxiety) and their families by:

1) providing information, signposting to relevant professional agencies and running emotional support groups to enable parents to help their children achieve their academic potential and minimise their child’s social anxiety;

2) providing social activities and opportunities for autistic children, tailored to their particular needs, to boost their self-esteem and improve their social skills, whilst enabling them to make friends with other neuro-diverse children and mix socially with neurotypical peers and siblings;

3) providing educational activities, in small groups, for children who are home-schooled and/or school refusers, as a result of their autism and/or social anxiety issues;

4) providing training to education and health professionals, parents and the wider public regarding the autistic spectrum, the benefits, the challenges and the best methods to support and communicate with autistic children;

5) raising public awareness of autism.

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