Growing up disabled: Puberty, privacy & positivity with Siena Castellon and George Fielding

Around one in five people in Britain live with a disability. That’s really quite a lot of people, all who have the same jumble of flaws, strengths, fears, desires and …

It is time employers realised the benefits of employing young people with learning disabilities

Educating businesses on the benefits of employing Neurodivergent people and those with Learning Disabilities is key to making the changes needed for them to see the invaluable contributions people can make to society.

How do you develop a meaningful pathway to employment for young people with SEND?

With Roseanna Gooder – Lead for 16-19 Pathway, Work Related and Vocational Learning at Swiss Cottage School, Development and Research Centre When specialist leader in education, Roseanna Gooder, approached us …

Transferring to an EHC Plan: Why “managing family expectations” is the opposite of co-production

I’m anticipating the next school year with a good deal of trepidation, thanks to the new SEND system. Some day in the next couple of years, the vast majority of …