Come and meet the Special Needs Jungle team at The Autism Show this Friday and Saturday!

Come and meet the Special Needs Jungle team at The Autism Show this Friday and Saturday!

This is just a quick reminder for you. The Special Needs Jungle team is at The Autism Show this Friday and Saturday and we’d LOVE to meet as many of you as possible. There’s also some other new news further down the post, so keep reading!

We’ll have printed booklets of our ever-popular SEND Flow charts, our Annual Review Flow Chart and a new SEN Support-specific leaflet that you can take away with you. Depending on when and which day you come, you can also say hello to our Mental Health Editor, Angela Kelly and our Associate Editor, Marguerite Haye, as well as columnists Catriona Moore and Siena Castellon.

The Autism Show


We’ll also be doing workshops aimed at professionals on the Friday and focused on parents on the Saturday. The professionals’ workshops (and of course you’re welcome to come to either, whoever you are, we’re not checking at the door!) look at better working relationships with parents, and we also have an interactive “what would you do if” scenario workshop that includes a section on helping children at school with medical conditions.

For parents, we look at successful meetings and collaborating with professionals from a parental perspective, and we also have one that takes you through the basics of SEN Support, preparing your parental statement for an EHCP and how to check through your draft to make sure everything your child needs is there.

Where to find us - D9

We’ll have our stand, D9 in the workshop area, and it’ll be full of free resources for you to take away as well as catching up with us.

The event as a whole

Of course there are lots of other things to do at The Autism Show. You can find out more about what’s on across the whole event in our post here.

SNJ is ONLY at London because our parenting responsibilities and my energy levels won’t stretch to three weekends running, but there will be equally great events at Birmingham and Manchester in the following weeks, if that’s closer to you.

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Support Special Needs Jungle

Even though we’re able to be at The Autism Show because of a promotional arrangement with the organisers, there are of course still expenses involved in going to these events and as you know, we’re all volunteers. If you think you can help us, please donate.

We’d like to thank those you who have donated in the past, and especially those of you who make a monthly donation to keep us going. If you’d like to help contribute to the costs of running SNJ and of getting to events and printing our resources that we give away free, you can do so below by either becoming a monthly patron with Patreon, or making a Paypal donation

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So we hope to see you there!

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