SNJ in Conversation: 10 years of the Children and Families Act: Philippa Stobbs OBE on the wins and losses

Today we have the second installment of our series on a decade of the Children and Families Act 2014. We’re looking back at what worked well, what hasn’t worked, and hopes for the future.

Philippa Stobbs OBE worked for 50 years in education, around 30 of which have been at the centre of developing national SEND policy with the Council for Disabled Children—she's the highly-respected doyenne of SEN. Few people have as long-term and encyclopaedic knowledge of developing special educational needs policy as she does.

Philippa spent decades negotiating with the government of the day to ensure SEN legislation and new policy initiatives served to support children and young people with disabilities, pushing back against government plans that she knew would do the opposite.

In a fascinating and educational conversation, Philippa talks to SNJ's Tania Tirraoro and Sharon Smith about the past decade of the Children and Families Act 2014 that she was instrumental in influencing, about what came before, and what she thinks the future holds.

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One comment

  1. Jester5

    It is very clear that government is refusing to do anything about everyone ignoring the law and enforcing statutory duties are provided today. No accountability and no political will. The most crucial factor is health first integrated policies with education. GOV UK is failing the basics of commmunication and understanding. Centuries of failure as SEND/safeguarding just ignored. Funding stolen and wasted. Education can be free. Funding should be protected for the person in need. Home education not none. Academies are run for profit not education. Academia only and STEM ignored. Students need outstanding staff. Exam pass rate 100% for all subjects at the highest grade. Attendance 100%. Exam fraud is too easy. No response from managers. Just don’t care. The ombudsman needs greater powers to fine those responsible and prevent delays. The legal system is too slow and expensive. Getting the first decision right would save a lot of stress. Why are families having to fight indifference and excessive delays? Ofsted just accepts lies and rates business outstanding. The care quality commission should be enforcing outstanding care everywhere. Inspections without notice for detailed investigation. The post code lottery is illegal. People just stuck in limbo and the benefits system is causing avoidable poverty. Councils are ignoring food vouchers, disability/carers/needs assessments and will hide the threshold for intervention. Social care none. It’s what they don’t tell you that’s important. Staff are untrustworthy, evasive, liars and yet get paid for incompetence. Everyone has a right to be safe and safeguarding is just ignored. False accusations for profit, action none. Education failure is increasing. Why can the public see the solutions? Dept of Education badly needs education. Students are smarter than the unqualified staff. No teachers, it’s DIY education at your expense, or a teaching assistant/website. Covid infections ignored. Infection prevention ignored. School nurse lies. Head teachers and governors lie. Complaints ignored. Bullying ignored. Theft ignored from child in need. Termianlly ill ignored. Dead ignored. Care/emergency plan ignored. Security poor. Accessibility fail. Cover up too easy. Families banned from seeing and speaking with invisible staff that don’t exist. Fake name, fake email: no response. Education much better outside school. Voluntary sector are multiskilled like families. Social prescriber fail. Too many barriers to overcome. People refuse to listen, refuse to do anything and get paid for time wasting at your expense. The same mistakes repeated. Students hate school. Mental health ignored. Trauma and bereavement ignored. Autism ignored. Learning disability ignored. Housebound ignored. Home exams. Chronic stress is bad for everyone. Accurate data is very hard to get when everything is electronic fraud. Information goverance fail. Simple. Face to face communication ignored. Off site education trips cancelled as too expensive for low income families. NEET increasing unknown to any system which is illegal. Help please from consultant paediatricians and adult colleagues. Transition between education fail. Fail to adapt, high exlusions, high abscence, no education, no internet, no teaching, no feedback, no practice papers, student invisible, no response.

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