Conversations with an Aspie teen

When your Asperger's son is deep in adolescence, it's sometimes hard to tell whether their behaviour and conversation is more autistic or teenager. Two examples below from (extremely intelligent) Son1:

Son1: Are you saying I'm fat?

Me: No, it's just that I need to put my office chair down and I don't have the weight to push it.

Son1: So you ARE saying I'm fat.

Me: No, but you're five inches taller than me and therefore heavier.

Son1: I know you think you're 5' 3" but you're not. You're 5' 1". Which means I'm seven inches taller than you.

Me: Deep sigh.


Son1: What's this suitcase doing at the bottom of the stairs?

Me: It's your suitcase that I've been asking you to take upstairs for the last three days.

Son1: No you haven't.

Me: Yes I have, ever since you got back.

Son1: No you asked me to take my CASE upstairs and this is a suitcase, so I didn't know what you were talking about.

Me: Slaps own forehead.

Tania Tirraoro
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Stephanie NImmo

How about his one;

Me (to aspie teen) – can you put your little sister’s coat on

son: no

me : why

son: because it’s too small

Me: doh! Can you put your little sister’s coat on her

Son: no

Me: why

Son: because I’m in the middle of Skyrim

at which point I count to ten……

Special Needs Mum

Ah, Skyrim delaying tactics, I know them well..


Briliiant, this is what my son sounds like. Fortunately it makes me smile inside (at the moment)

Crystal Thirion

OMG sooo my life