#Coronavirus, EHCPs and the law: ask education lawyer Hayley Mason

Coronavirus, EHCPs and the law: Ask SEND Lawyer Hayley Mason

In these unprecedented days, there is a lot of uncertainty, not least about education. What happens to legally-backed provision when schools are closed? If schools arrange online working, what are your child's legal rights? What if schools are closed for a protracted period? What if you have a tribunal coming up? Or an EHCP assessment pending?

Our columnist, SEND lawyer, Hayley Mason, Director and senior solicitor at SEN Legal, is offering to answer your questions about the legal implications as they relate to education law and issues around coronavirus and potential forced school closures.

You don't have long - you need to get your question in by Friday at 5pm.

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Other issues

The NHS has launched an interactive service here to find out what to do if you think you have symptoms.

Meanwhile, we are somewhat concerned about what this may mean, below, about legislation ‘relaxing provision’ for children with SEND. We are watching closely.

From proposed legislation about relaxing provision for children with SEND

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