Eye-catching special needs news & autism articles from this week

Another week of rain and economic gloom. Note to self, stop listening to the Radio 4 Today programme, it's starting your day off ALL wrong.

Still there is some good news for me, anyway: I've been asked to take part in a Dragon's Den/Apprentice type thingy for young people. Apparently, I'm an inspirational business expert. When I told Son1, he snorted with derision. Now I'm going to spend the next few weeks feeling like a total fraud. I said yes, of course, because my message to those young people will be to embrace opportunities when they come-  both to help yourself and to help others.

Anyway, happy weekend and here's my pick of the posts and special needs news from the last week.

Is your special needs blog on my RSS? If I've never mention you here, the chances are you're not. Leave your website link in the comments and I'll add you in!

Tania Tirraoro

Founder, CEO at Special Needs Jungle
Founder of Special Needs Jungle. Parent of two young adults with autism. Tania is a member of the Whole School SEND Expert Reference Group for SEND Leadership, the Ofsted SEND Inspections Stakeholders Group, and sits on the Advisory Board of the Royal Holloway, University of London Centre of Gene and Cell Therapy.
She is also an experienced broadcast and print journalist & author. Tania also runs a PR, web & social media consultancy, SocialOro Media. She is a Rare Disease & chronic pain patient advocate with Ehlers Danlos syndrome.
Tania Tirraoro
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Can I please add my blog to your collection, it’s bluecrisps.wordpress.com
Twitter: AutismMumma

You’re on it now!

Thanks so much for include the Cafe in your list! I’d love to have you take part in the Autism Awareness in Action Campaign too – You can find the link from my homepage (don’t want to spam you here!)

In any case I’m so happy to see your site (I LOVE your background – I might have to do something like that – I LOVE it, really!) and I’m adding you to my own RSS list now *grin*)

Um — please completely overlook my typo *head desk* I’m so embarrassed *smile*

I’ll have a look!