Can I buy my daughter a laptop which is specified in her EHCP?

Parent asks:

My daughter has an EHC plan, and her provisions have not moved over to the secondary school, one being her laptop. I asked the school, and they just replied they do not have one to give due to COVID-19. So my daughter does not suffer I wondered if I could get her one as they offered nothing so had to go and buy one the school said it was ok to do this, but why do they take my funding and make me buy a laptop?

Ipsea answers:

When a child has an EHC plan, the LA is ultimately responsible for ensuring the provision in that EHC plan is made. We would recommend that you contact the LA and explain the situation, and ask them to reimburse you for the cost of the laptop you had to buy because of their failure to provide one. If they refuse to do so, you could make a formal complaint (you could adapt our model letter on this topic). If this does not resolve the issue, you may be able to escalate the matter to the LGSCO.