The experiences and needs of female adults with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder


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An interesting paper where 82 Australian women with high functioning autism were asked about their experiences of education, employment, health, social and community activities.  The results were analysed and compared with the experiences of both the general population and of men with high functioning autism.

Interestingly they found little difference between the experience of the men and the women involved in the study.  The women in the study had high levels of mental health difficulties as compared to the non-autistic population and were less likely to be employed.  They also had experienced a lack of support in educational and employment settings.  The study highlights the negative effect of not receiving a diagnosis early on, demonstrating a need for earlier diagnosis of high functioning autism in girls.

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Susanna Baldwin, Debra Costley, Autism Vol 20, Issue 4, pp. 483 – 495, First Published June 25, 2015