Financial affairs advice for your special needs child for when you’re gone

It's a difficult subject to think about, let alone tackle, but for many parents of children with severe and complex learning disabilities, who are unlikely to be able to like independently, it is a vital issue - how to make sure your child's financial affairs are managed when you are no longer here.

The charity Mencap has a solution to help those families concerned with this type of forward decision-making. They have a wills and trust team that can provide  parents, families and carers with free booklets about writing wills and setting up trusts for the benefit of a loved one with a learning disability.

If it is likely you will be leaving them a substantial sum of money - or even a smaller amount, you will want to ensure that you are not leaving them in a vulnerable position. You may also be keen to ensure that they continue to receive their benefits but still enjoy their full inheritance.

The Wills and Trusts team also organises free seminars around England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The free two-hour seminars offer vital, specialist legal advice and give families and carers a much needed opportunity to get answers to those difficult questions that often make the process seem so daunting.

The next Planning for the Future events in your area are:

  • North East – February/March
  • East Midlands - March
  • Wales - April
  • Northern Ireland - May
  • East – May
  • London – June
  • South East – July
  • South Central – September
  • South West – October
  • West Midlands – November
  • North West - November

For specific dates and locations of seminars taking place in your area, visit

Mencap says  places at these seminars are always very popular so please book your place as early as possible to avoid disappointment. To book your place at any of the events please use our online booking form: 

Alternatively, please contact Gina Collins on 020 7696 6925 or email 

If you cannot make the event but would like information about providing for someone with a learning disability in your will call the team on: Tel:  020 7696 6925



Tania Tirraoro


  1. The Surrey Branch of the National Autistic Society is also hosting a talk entitled “Making decisions and managing money for people on the autistic spectrum: what parents need to know” – which includes the issue of trusts. The talk is by David Kingham of Morrisons Solicitors (Woking) at 8.00pm on Thursday, 15th November in Woking. Do get in touch for details.

  2. I’ve recently arranged a will for my wife and I and it really is morbid and depressing, so I really feel for families having the huge decision of how to care for their child when they aren’t around anymore. A friend of mine had (she has now passed away) a severe disability and her parents secured two small bungalows, one for them and one for her, on the same street, with a team of carers there 24/7. They were helped with Direct Payments, which I’m pretty sure most people with profound disabilities are entitled to, so they can pay to be cared for in their own homes.

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