Five years at Number One for SNJ

We don’t often brag about ourselves…but today is an exception so please forgive us…

We are delighted to have been ranked the Number One UK Healthcare blog by influence- measuring PR firm, Vuelio, for the FIFTH year in a row. We think it’s worth taking a minute to shout about because it’s a pretty big deal.

This has been achieved through the hard work of Tania, Renata and our amazing team of writers and volunteers.

Some thank yous

We would like to pay a special tribute to Matt Keer whose insightful, analytical and incisive articles about SEND speak for themselves. He’s always on top of the agenda and can always be relied upon. Thank you Matt.

In the last year, two other columnists’ contributions have played a huge part: Catriona Moore and Hayley Mason. Catriona’s day job is now as policy manager for IPSEA, while Hayley is, of course, a leading SEN lawyer. They’ve both helped keep us on top of the what’s new, if not breaking news. Thank you ladies.

We would also like to say thank you to our Mental Health Editor, Angela Kelly, who Tania first met via Surrey’s parent carer forum. Angela was then studying for a degree, alongside parenting two autistic children. She’s now a professional counsellor who still finds time to write and volunteer for us and her articles are always among the most read. Thank you Ange!

A big thanks also in the last year to barristers Steve Broach and Alice Irving, who have also helped us keep parents up to date with pandemic legal changes.

We must also mention our Assistant Editor, Marguerite Haye, who keeps our Ask IPSEA section running and keeps us informed about the particular inequity of race in SEND. (Thanks also to the IPSEA team).

And a thank you too for columnists Hannah Moloney and Amy Skipp who never forget us when they have new research to share. We appreciate you all.

Thank you to all our columnists who’ve contributed in some way this year, including Siena Castellon, Zoe Thompson, Alex Grady, Joanna Grace, Bren Prendergast, Hayley Newman and the repeat guest writers who have made time for us.

Volunteers & Guests

We have a number of volunteers who help us with various aspects: Lisa, Hayley, Marion, Rachel for which we are really grateful

Every one who writes for us, whether once or repeatedly, has done so without payment, with the aim of helping others. Thanks to everyone who has done so in the last year. You help make SNJ so relevant and useful.

We’re currently preparing further episodes of SNJ in Conversation- who do you want to hear from? Let us know.


We’re now able to advocate at a high level, listening to what parents tell us and representing those views to the people who need to hear them. Our research has been cited in parliamentary, government and Ofsted publications as well as quoted by many national newspapers and broadcasters.

This is some of our most important work - if you are experiencing injustice, tell us about it.

A tough year - getting tougher

The last year and a half has been incredibly tough for everyone. Yet these people above have kept on giving their time and energy to help families because they feel it’s the right thing to do.

We always want to do more, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Renata has an exciting new personal role to fulfil, while Tania is facing growing difficulties with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, meaning work is sporadic (currently writing this from bed!) It may not look like it to readers, but it really is a daily battle.

If you have the skills and time to help us with admin, please let us know.

You can also support us by donating. Find out more about this here.

We’ll be powering down a bit over summer, as usual, SEND Review permitting, and we hope you’ll get a chance to enjoy time with your families if possible too.

Final thanks to Vuelio, for recognising us yet again. Onwards and upwards!

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