Fruit Shoot makes a change – and they have autism-friendly resources to tell you all about it*

*This post is in partnership with Fruit Shoot, made by Britvic

If your children and grandchildren are anything like ours, they love a bottle of Fruit Shoot. Whether it comes with a Happy Meal, in a multi-pack, or to quench thirst while out and about, the familiar bottles with the pull-up sports cap and transparent lid are familiar to all.

But changes are afoot… and as we know, when your child or young person is neurodivergent, unexpected change can be unwelcome, especially when it’s from something they’re used to being the same.

The Fruit Shoot brand is aware of this after a previous change from coloured to clear bottles was difficult for some of their customers. This time, they wanted to get the news out first so parents and carers can be ready to pre-warn their little (and not so little) ones who may find the change more difficult.

What’s the change?

As changes go, this one is generally to be welcomed. Fruit Shoot are losing the separate transparent lid—that can be really hard to get off for grown-ups let alone little hands. For toddlers and older disabled children it’s always been a bit of a worry if they like to put things in their mouth (even though it has air holes, it’s still a concern).

In its place is a tethered lid that flips up—which is not only easier to recycle but is always there to keep the spout clean.

Fruit Shoot teamed up with the National Autistic Society and created resources for families to help explain the changes, including a short video and a social story booklet. The brand also teamed up with parenting influencer, @storiesaboutautism, who’s created two detailed Instagram reels sharing more information about the lid change.

You can watch his two reels below.

Is the drink changing?

No, the popular drink itself is staying the same as ever, it’s just the bottle that will look different, so the colour and taste are just the same.

When will the change happen?

There’s also a regulatory reason for the change. From July 2024, tethered sports caps will be a legal requirement in the EU for recycling purposes and Fruit Shoot is widely sold across Europe. Despite the tethered cap not being passed into UK law for the moment, having a tethered cap is still a positive change to improve sustainability and reduce littering.

The cap change will be a gradual process with the discontinuation of the old cap by November 2024.

You can watch the video from the brand below:

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