Help your child relax with a ‘positive touch’ reflexology routine

We're really pleased to have another post from reflexologist, Lorraine Senior who you can find today and tomorrow at the TES SEN show in London.


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Some time ago, I introduced myself through Special Needs Jungle to share Reflexology and the Functional Reflex Therapy Approach with my work in schools. It continues to develop well and there has been interest from schools around the UK. There are now a few Reflexologists delivering sessions using the FRT structured approach.

There are many benefits to Reflexology not only for the person receiving it but often as many benefits for the many people around that person.

Reflexology is a non intrusive complementary health based therapy based on the principle that reflex areas in the feet and lower leg, hands and forearms, face and ears correspond to specific areas and organs throughout the body and by applying techniques to these areas using fingers, thumbs and full hand the Reflexologist seeks to evoke a response within and throughout the body to support wellbeing. Do visit for more information about Reflexology.

In school, Reflexology can be delivered using the Functional Reflex Therapy Approach which supports communication and preparation before the touch therapy begins and the primary intention is relaxation.

Pupils in school are referred for Reflexology Therapy if staff feel they may benefit from receiving sessions for many different reasons, for example:

  • Encouraging relaxation in the moment
  • Helping them reduce feelings of anger
  • If the are feeling anxious /low
  • Help them to prepare for ongoing activities and learning
  • Taking a little time out, a little quiet time to think
  • Support wellbeing and address some health issue
  • Perhaps alleviate pain

Individual sessions not only support pupils in their well-being, but this is an holistic approach and therapists have the opportunity to work as valued members of the multidisciplinary team, working towards educational targets that are discussed with the class teacher, OT and Speech and Language Therapist.

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Parent workshops

Last year the workshops for parents really began to develop and I know how much they are enjoying arranging the contents of the tool kit to make it right for their child and delivering the relaxation routine at home. At first, I wasn't sure if children would accept something so similar happening at home, but actually the link using the ‘tool-kit’ as an object of reference really has been successful and parents feedback is very supportive.

A parent whose son is supported with regular Reflexology 1:1 sessions with me at school, came along to learn the relaxation routine. She said,

"Since incorporating the practice at home my son recognises the FRT bag and is more than happy for me to carry out the routine I learned on the workshop. It is lovely to be able to offer him something to relax. We are hoping that, in time, he will be able to ask for an FRT session by going to collect the bag himself”   Tahira Crow

The reach of FRT is extending and since my first article I have put together a school training package that supports Functional Reflex Therapy in the classroom where a very general yet effective relaxation routine can be delivered by members of the multi-disciplinary team and fit into individual timetables. Ysgol Hoel Goffa is one school that has recently enjoyed the inset days and has now introduced FRT in to the classroom routine. They really enjoyed the training, learning such hands on skills. FRT looks forward to hearing from them at the end of the term and supporting them with the FRT Schools Network.

At Ysgol Hoel Goffa we would like to say a big thank you to Lorraine for delivering fantastic training on our two day course. We are all so enthusiastic about FRT. We can’t wait to make a start with our wonderful pupils who we are sure are going to get so much out of it” Sept 2015

Results are showing that the structured session is very beneficial to both staff and pupil wellbeing and is an enjoyable productive session. These sessions can be linked to individual targets and areas of the curriculum continuing to access all areas through the positive touch therapy.

I thought you might enjoy a short video clip watching FRT in action in the classroom to see both staff and pupils giving and receiving and sharing.

FRT will be exhibiting On October 9th & 10th 2015 at the TESSEN Show in London at the business design centre stand 4 please do come along and say hello to me and the Reflexologists supporting FRT, enjoy a few articles on display, collect a leaflet and ask lots of questions.

Perhaps you know a school where you would like to see FRT in the classroom and you can share some information with them.  

Read Lorraine's first post here: The power of reflexology on children with special needs     

Lorraine Senior B.Ed(Hons) MAR ICR

Tania Tirraoro

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