Join the SNJ Squad as a “Patron” and get exclusive content!

Join us as an SNJ Squad “Patron” and get exclusive content!

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We’ll never charge for you to read articles on SNJ so everyone can access information whatever their situation. However, there is a cost to running SNJ and the reality is, we can't keep doing it without help. That’s just life, unfortunately. We're registered as a non-profit, but we're not a charity because we need to be free to say what needs to be said. This means, however, that grants are often limited.

How you can help

Image shows definition: 1. countable noun A patron is a person who supports and gives money to artists, writers, or musicians. Catherine the Great was a patron of the arts and sciences.
Definition screenshot from Collins

While lots of organisations have celebrity ‘patrons’ we’re using it in the traditional sense (see image)

There are two ways you can be regular donators: via PayPal Donate or via Patreon, a platform that enables creators like us at SNJ to offer additional content exclusively for members who pay a small monthly subscription. We’ve set this at a minimum of £5.

There are processing fees from PayPal/Patreon, and you can choose to pay these for us, or you can pass them on to us, which means we will receive less than your intended donation, so please do consider this when making your choice. (Note: if you want to pass the fees to us, we'd prefer you to choose the PayPal Donate option as we then pay just one set of fees. Otherwise, we've belatedly discovered, we pay both Patreon to use their platform and then Paypal to get the money transferred from Patreon!) Either way, you get the same donator benefits from us and we are very grateful for your donation.

What will I get for my donation?

A donation is usually given freely, but to say thank you, patrons will receive an exclusive regular newsletter including a round-up of our posts, and the best of the month’s SEND news that you may have missed. There’ll also hopefully be special offers/discounts too. Here is December 2019's newsletter for an example - it's pretty comprehensive

December 19

Anything we do that we might charge for such as webinars, patrons will get free access. Again, members can send in suggested topics and we will source people to give them from our extensive network of contacts.

We think this is a positive way to enable us to grow - and to continue - and for members to get something extra too. We hope you agree. We don’t think £5 a month is too much to set the membership at, but if you can’t afford that, we can send you some ways that may help, such as pledging to help us promote our posts

If you don’t want to join and don’t want extra stuff, but you’d still like to show your appreciation, you can still make a one-off donation via PayPal.

Where do I sign up?

Sign up with Patreon on the left, and PayPal on the right. Please note, there is a £5 monthly minimum to be a Patron

Become a Patron!

You'll be taken to the Patreon site to complete your subscription. Thanks!

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