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Schools Out - copyright Tania TirraoroToday is the last day of school for my boys, apart from Founder's Day, tomorrow and we're all praying for the weather to be kind as teachers, staff, 400 boys aged 8-18 and their families cram under a vast marquee. I wrote in an early SNJ post about their very first Founder's day at the school. Since then the school has expanded so I would recommend a cushion to first timers and your do hands sting a little at the end after all the clapping.

Every boy gets an award for something they've worked hard at and they all get to troop up to the front - many have never had the chance to succeed at anything before they arrived at the school and their faces beam with pride; it's very moving. Our patience is rewarded with strawberries and sparkling wine at the end and a chance to mingle with everyone. Son1's playing in the Jazz Band on the bass so we'll have to hang around for a bit anyway! In September he starts his GCSE courses. That'll be a whole other story.

Do enjoy the stories this week, some great posts and interesting news and don't forget, if you've got any old mobiles hanging around, check out my post below on how you can convert them to a meal for a hungry inner-city child.


Tania Tirraoro

Founder, CEO, Editor at Special Needs Jungle
Founder of Special Needs Jungle. Parent of two young adults with autism. Tania is a member of the Whole School SEND Expert Reference Group for SEND Leadership, the Ofsted SEND Inspections Stakeholders Group, and sits on the Advisory Board of the Royal Holloway, University of London Centre of Gene and Cell Therapy.
She is also an experienced broadcast and print journalist & author. Tania also runs a PR, web & social media consultancy, SocialOro Media. She is a Rare Disease & chronic pain patient advocate with Ehlers Danlos syndrome.
Tania Tirraoro

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