Merry Christmas from SNJ: Here’s some brilliant SEND videos you won’t want to miss!

Merry Christmas from Tania, renata & everyone at SNJ

It's our last post before we take a break for Christmas.

It's an opportunity for me to bring you three videos that you may have missed but you really should see over the holidays.

Just before New Year, I'll try to put together some of our best posts of the year, which is going to be a job and a half as we've had so many. In the past year, we've also grown an incredible amount and were named the top healthcare blog by Vuelio, which was rather nice.

Renata & I would just like to say a mahoosive THANK YOU to all our wonderful columnists, who bring their expertise about different aspects of SEND to help make SNJ the place to go if you want to know more than just the headlines. Thanks especially to Marguerite Hay, Angela Kelly and to stats guru, Matt Keer for contributing their skills to inform our readers about the thing they need to know about SEND.

Thank you also to everyone who wrote a guest post for us this year, bringing their points of view and knowledge to SNJ.

We also want to highlight two of our columnists, our very first, Hayley Goleniowska, and our newest, Joanna Grace, who both recently took part in TEDx Truro and gave really inspiring talks about their very different experiences of disability. Hayley talked about overcoming the fear of Downs syndrome when she had her younger daughter, Natty. Jo spoke about her wonderful autistic sensory world and the work she does to bring joy to many children and young people who are sensory beings, rather than cerebral beings. I've embedded their videos below the BBC one.

At the end, I'm also including a video from the recent #BBCSEND series on BBC Breakfast at the end of November. We helped with background info and I was on the final programme, along with my son, talking about SNJ and how parents are finding it ever more difficult to get the help they need. The video is a round-up of the many interviews and items they ran that week. Thanks to reporter Jayne McCubbin and producer, Katie Langton for great work for the week.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and thanks for reading, sharing and spreading the word about SNJ. Now sit back and enjoy three videos, all well worth your time watching...

Tania & Renata, co-directors, Special Needs Jungle

If the BBC Video via Facebook, above, doesn't show on your screen, you can watch it here

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Tania Tirraoro

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