New format for SNJ’s SEND system Flow Charts

Just a quick post today to let you know about a new format for our very popular SEND system flow charts. We made these in collaboration with the Department for Education. They were included in their original A4 format in the national SEND Information Packs that were sent out when the reforms were shiny and new and full of hope... They have proved to be very much needed, never more so than now.

Instead of having to print them all separately, I've combined them into one PDF download, so you can print them out more easily.

I also have some professionally printed ones here that I can mail out, though there will be a charge shipping, which will vary of course, depending on how many you want. Get in touch for details, although realistically, it will be after Christmas now before I will have time to send any out.



Click the link or the image and you can download all four SEND flow charts in one pdf. You can print them two to one page of A4, of if your printer prints double sided, you can print all four on front and back of a single sheet and them fold in half to make a leaflet. Neat hey?

It also works to print two per sheet and pin them on a wall, they come out a good size to see and are easy to photocopy if needed.

White background to print at home

If you're printing at home and want to save ink, I've made some with a white background.

If you'd prefer that, click here to PRINT 4 X A5 WITH WHITE BACKGROUND (PDF) or click the image below.

flow chart

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Tania Tirraoro


  1. Nigel Carden

    This format is really useful, thanks. I do some work with our local Information, Advice and Support Service, and it’s interesting to look at the flowchart and think of the points where we are most commonly seeing things go wrong. I think that the earlier parents ask for impartial help, e.g. from IAS Services (former Parent Partnership), the less chance there is for schools and local authorities to stray from the Code of Practice. Once that happens, parents and professionals get into a bigger and bigger tangle. So, look for your local IAS Service and give them a shout as soon as things get tricky. Look them up here:

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