The new SEND system as a flow chart: Part 1, SEN Support

Anyone a bit confused about how the new SEN system process, starting on 1st September 2014, will piece together? Where you start, what's next, what's instead of School Action and School Action Plus?

We have something that may make it a bit clearer (or at least I hope so as I've put a lot of work into it!). In the second of our joint projects with the Department for Education, we got to thinking about a simple way to explain the flow of the system. And so, I thought an actual flow chart - or rather a series of flow charts, would give you a good, visual idea.

We're releasing them in four parts, starting with SEND Support using the Graduated Approach. Bear in mind these are 'headline' charts by design, so they are not full of details. They just give you a way to follow the process so you know where you are and where you go next. Tomorrow will be How to apply for an Education, Health and Care Plan, on Thursday, Having an Education, Health and Care Assessment and Finally on Friday, Disagreements.

So, this chart is about SEN Support, which is the lower single category of support that will replace School Action and School Action Plus. We've written about it before  of course, most recently about Assess, Plan, Do Review here. This flow chart was checked and approved by the DfE, so you can be sure that it's pretty accurate.

There are TWO ways to view this flow chart. First, you can click the image below to see a larger version. Second, under this image is a link for a PDF version for printing with a white background to save ink. The link is below the image. Or, you can of course use both ways!

flow chart
click to enlarge, then use cntrl+ to enlarge further


Other ways to see this flow chart

SEN Support Flow chart - click to download as a PDF with white background (to save ink) here

TOMORROW - If SEN Support isn't sufficient, you can apply for as assessment for an Education, Health and Care Plan

Tania Tirraoro


  1. Janet Edgar

    This is going to be so useful to show the parents I work with. I also think it will be a good “prompt sheet” for the professionals in my inclusive learning team. I look forward to the next three and thank you for putting them together.

  2. Romany

    Thank you! This is excellent and I’ll definitely circulate as widely as possible locally. Looking forward to seeing the others!

    Couple of queries:
    – the second yellow box down on the left end with the word ‘if’ is there text missing?
    – the third yellow box down on the left ends with SEN COP and doesn’t completely make sense to me. Please can you clarify.

    Also very, very much appreciate the white background version for printing. Is there a similar white background version of your infographic?

  3. Alice Hanks

    Will we only be able to get support from Parent Partnership Services after you apply for an EHC Plan? I thought they could help out with old school action, action plus stuff too? Is this the case or is it just how it looks with the box at the bottom?

    1. Yes, of course. This is just a flow chart about the new stsyem. Your PPS will be qualified/trained to help with every aspect of the new system. Some are being trained as Independent Supporters and others as Mediators too, depending on where you are.

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