Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII) and Perplexing Presentations – New guidance for social work practitioners

with Sally Russell, Trustee, The PDA Society Scientific rigour in medicine is, thankfully, the rule rather than the exception. We want our medicines, procedures, and treatments to be based on …

SNJ Report: The casual bias and daily discrimination faced by disabled children and their families from ethnic and marginalised communities

A new SNJ survey has highlighted how racial discrimination and unconscious bias are everyday experiences for disabled children and their families from ethnic and marginalised communities. Parents say they, and …

It is time employers realised the benefits of employing young people with learning disabilities

Educating businesses on the benefits of employing Neurodivergent people and those with Learning Disabilities is key to making the changes needed for them to see the invaluable contributions people can make to society.

More parents seeking children’s mental health support in pandemic, with growing pessimism over support delays

We need to look out for ourselves and others as Child and Adolescent Mental Health waiting times increase warn Karen Wespieser MBE & Dr Jo Taylor As we plunge into …