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patientinformYou know when you're looking online for medical information such as medical articles or research and you come up against one paywall after another?

It's always the information that would be really useful to help you better understand a condition your family is affected by empower you to discuss the condition with the medical professionals concerned - BUT you can't get your hands on it without splashing the cash which, as parents advocates, we can't afford.

Special Needs Jungle can help you access some of the information you need in collaboration with the unique service patientINFORM.


Introducing patientINFORM

patient inform

Special Needs Jungle is incredibly proud to have been accepted as a member by patient INFORM, a program that brings together the publishers of the world’s leading medical journals and the health organisations to provide patients and their caregivers with access to some of the most up-to-date, reliable and important research available about the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases.

PatientInform: Publishers and patient organizations working to empower patients and their families by providing access to and interpretation of the latest and most important clinical research in medicine.

The scope of the information available, from learning disabilities to all kinds of medical conditions that our children may have, is extraordinary. As parent carers, practitioner members and young people too, being able to access some of this information will help to improve the spread of knowledge and help us be better able to advocate. Knowledge is power!

We will add articles we find that we believe will be useful ourselves, with a link to the accessed material and there is a special form where you can also request articles that you have found behind a paywall. As patientINFORM members, We join major names in the health industry as members such as Orphanet, Eurordis, The American Cancer Society and The American Heart Association.

You will need to register as a member of SNJ to be able to make your own request, which you will be able to do on the SIGN UP page before you make your request.

Search tip: A good place to start is Google Scholar where you can make a custom search. You can find tips for this here

The restrictions:

  1. When you access the material via the special link patientINFORM provides to us please do not download to distribute elsewhere. You can of course share it from the link to share the knowledge via social media from our link page.
  2. Not every medical journal in the world is covered, but so many are so it's always worth asking via the form if we can get it on your behalf.