People power! Parents and disabled children march to end the #SENDcrisis

People power! Parents and disabled children march to end the #SENDcrisis

What a day it was! On Thursday 30th May 2019, up and down the country, parents, children, young people, professionals and even a smattering of politicians showed up in their thousands to demand the government moves to end the #SENDCrisis.

It was an amazing feat for many parents to get to the various locations with their children, some in wheelchairs. But the sun shone and spirits were as high as voices chanted slogans to end the cuts to SEND. But not just cuts - we need a sea change so that all professionals take the Children and Families Act to heart and abide by the law.

Nadia Turki, Poppy Rose and all their volunteer organisers played an absolute blinder in organising these marches. We, at SNJ, salute you and we are proud to have supported you, lent a hand and been a part of it. We also salute everyone who gave up a day of half-term to make their voices and feelings heard.

Poppy Rose and team and SNJ columnist and neurodiversity campaigner, Siena Castellon giving the 15,000 signature into to No Downing Street.
Poppy Rose and team, and SNJ columnist and neurodiversity campaigner, Siena Castellon giving the 15,000 signature into to No Downing Street.

There were marches and rallies in 26 locations across England and one in Wales. We were in London, with myself, Renata and two of her children, Lilia and Dominic, her partner, Lawrence, and our wonderful SNJ columnist, Hayley Goleniowska with her two daughters, Mia and Natty. Mia deserves a special mention for filming the entire London event for our Facebook Live.

Here’s our speeches at the event. Scroll down the post for the whole thing.

Download full speeches by Tania here and Renata here

A few words from Twitter on the #SENDcrisis marches

Twitter was of course abuzz with the marches - as I was live-streaming with my phone, I couldn’t really join in, but here is a small selection of the best.

Yea Dominic!

A heartfelt note of support from a bereaved parent

I saw this on Facebook and Sue said on her note it was for sharing. So here it is:

I can’t be there tomorrow but I wish I could. I will be thinking of you all. I’ll also be thinking of my son Danny, who took his life last year, failed by education, health and care while having an EHCP that had not been reviewed or any provision provided since the day it was issued in 2016, he was just 25 years old. I’ll also be thinking of my other children also failed by Suffolk plus the hundreds of children and families I’ve supported over the 20+ years and the ones I’m still supporting now. The experience on the ground for these families is worse than it was when I started on my SEN journey all those years ago despite all the promises of change. Something has to happen. 

Sue Willgoss, Suffolk, via Facebook

Your pictures

I sent out a call for people at the march to allow us to use their pictures so we could get representations from as many locations as possible. As usual, you responded. Thank you. I’ve done my best to get them uploaded so I can put them into a slideshow. Here they are below.

They’re in a pretty random order and I’ve tried to caption them with the photograph owner and who’s in it as best as possible. Navigate with the side arrows or the dots below. Click an image to enlarge it. Thanks to everyone who allowed us to use their pix. If you want to post extra in the comments of this blog, please do so if you can. If you just add it to Facebook, they’ll just disappear in time and won’t stay with this blog post.

Our Live Facebook video of the London Event

We live-streamed the whole London event and you can watch it below.

News Coverage around the country

360 of the London March
credit: Lawrence Watts

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