Review: 101 Inclusive and SEN Maths and English Lessons

Review: 101 Inclusive and SEN Maths and English Lessons [giveaway]

Jessica Kingsley have published two easy-to-use SEN lesson books, 101 Inclusive & SEN English lessons and the same title for maths learners. They'd be useful for home-schoolers and SEN teachers or even parents who want to reinforce simple learning at home.

101 Inclusive & SEN Maths Lessons

maths book with example of pageThe maths title is for National Curriculum P-level 4-8 learners in mixed ability classrooms. The lesson plans are one to a page and well-laid out in bullet points and would be easy to use in a 1-1 at home as well as in a class. The ideas are simple and include the learning objective for the particular level the lesson is aimed at, as well as additional skills, such as motor skills, tactile and social communication.

The book is set out in ability levels and topics, for example number and measuring so it will be useful across a range of children or can be used as your child progresses. The authors, Claire Brewer and Kate Bradley both have extensive experience teaching children with special needs. The ideas are all original and are great for visual, sensory and kinaesthetic learners.

The RRP is £14.99 from the JKP website or Amazon or other booksellers.

101 Inclusive & SEN English Lessons

english book with example of page

The second title, 101 Inclusive & SEN English Lessons is by the same authors, Bradley and Brewer, and is aimed at children aged 3-11.  It’s full of creative activities and lesson plans for SEND learners in mixed ability classrooms from the very simple, such as “phonic whispers”, a take on the game, Chinese Whispers, to using toys or laminated words as part of the plan. Both include some lessons that utilise tablets or online resources as well as lessons such as the phonic whispers that use nothing more than the teacher themselves.

Again, I feel that these lessons are easy to adapt for home-schooling as they need few additional items beyond what you may already have around.

The English book is split into sections such as speaking, listening, reading and writing again again list additional skills each lesson develops as well as the main objective, for example kinaesthetic, auditory or visual.

The activities in both books are simple enough for you to be able to use on a rainy day during the long holidays and are fun enough to rope in other children in the family too.

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