Review: Controlling pain with the PainPod

Review: Controlling pain with the PainPod

Some time ago, Renata and I were asked to review* a device called a PainPod that claims to control pain, a sort of Tens machine "plus".

A Tens machine is a small, battery-controlled device, that sends an electrical signal down wires attached by sticky connectors to the body. The current works to disrupt pain signals to the brain and so relieve pain. Some people find it incredibly helpful. You may be familiar with one, especially during labour. But the device we were asked to review offered much more than just a single kind of signal.

The PainPod has a plethora of different signals from tapping, pulsing, massaging and more. It also has a number of unique accessories for those who are affected by pain in hands and feet - great to get blood circulation going in the extremities.

Why would we need a PainPod?

As many of you know, I live with chronic pain from Ehlers Danlos syndrome that affects everything I do and can severely limit my energy and mobility. I rely on very strong painkillers to retain the ability to function, not to mention the will to live. Although they control whole-body pain that can mean even my fingernails hurt, they don't stop random, unpredictable pain that can occur anywhere in my body at any time, including subluxations of joints or discs in my spine. Cheery, huh?

Renata's son, Dominic, has an ultra-rare, undiagnosed condition that brings multiple complex health needs, including chronic pain. He is a wheelchair-user and is frequently unwell. He also has to take very strong painkillers. For a child, this is no fun at all but Dominic still manages to be a funny, clever young man who keeps himself - and everyone else - cheerful. He'll cheer you up too when you watch his review.

For both of us, and for many others, such strong pain medication has its own repercussions, such as increasing existing fatigue, and impacting the ability to focus and think straight. I'm exhausted after a few hours' work because it takes more energy to concentrate than it would for would the average person. So to have a way to avoid using as much medication would be brilliant.

So our reviews of the PainPod device come from different age groups and for different types of pain, and so we test different aspects of it, so please watch both to get the full story. You can buy a PainPod or find out more about the different options and accessories here

The PainPod reviews

Enjoy the video reviews - they're both pretty short and succinct so won't take too much of your time, but will give you a good idea of what to expect. Mine's first, with lots of explanation and Dominic and Renata's is brill to explain how it might work for your child (although the positioning of the pads may not be quite accurate- though it worked for Dominic - check the instructions yourself for where is best position for the pads for you.). Captions are available for both videos.

*Disclosure: We received the devices in return for a review. We did not receive an additional payment in this instance. If you'd like to see our rate card, get in touch

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