SEN Facts & Figures Infogram

infogA few facts about SEN for you today that we've made into this spiffing infogram.

The figures are taken from a Department for Education guidance document aimed at helping local authorities prepare for the coming changes to the SEN system and how to implement them.

What thoughts does it spark in you? Leave them in the comments.

Feel free to share, and let people know where to find it.


Tania Tirraoro

Founder, CEO at Special Needs Jungle
Founder of Special Needs Jungle. Parent of two sons with Asperger Syndrome.
Journalist & author of two novels and a guide to SEN statementing. PR & social media expert. Rare Disease & chronic pain patient advocate.
Tania Tirraoro


  1. Annie

    Can I ask about your figures on incidence of mental health issues? I can’t find the reference in Gov doc. Most research shows far greater incidence in those with leArning disabilities and other SEN. Annie

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