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Special Educational Needs - Points of Interest.

This page has links to previous political proposals and articles that appeared in the press over the years that may be of interest. As many of these are no longer available on their original websites, it’s a good place to find archive material
  1. Website for Department for Education
  2. SEND Pathfinder website
  3. Children & Families Act 2014 (pdf)
  4. Children & Families Act 2014 (web)
  5. S31 Grant Determination Letter for Special Educational Needs (SEN)
    Reform Grant (2014-15)
  6. Draft Bill: Children & Families 2013
  7. Indicative Draft of New Code of Practice 2013
  8. CDC Briefing Note on the Proposed Local Offer
  9. The Special Educational Needs (Local Offer) (England) Regulations 2014

  10. Evidence Pack: Special Educational Needs: Children and Families Bill 2013
  11. SEN Green paper
  12. Government Supports Autism Bill (UK)
  13. Balls announces new action to help children with SEN - Children's Secretary Ed Balls today announced an investigation to tackle poor information to parents of children with special educational needs, the failure of some Local Authorities to comply with their SEN duties and lack of transparency in the SEN system following interim findings from SEN expert Brian Lamb's review of parental confidence in special education needs provision. (DCSF Dec 2008)
  14. Education (Children with Autism) Bill 2007-08. Private Members' Bill (under the Ten Minute Rule, SO No 23) introduced by Lee Scott - A private Members Bill about the need for improved education services for children with autism and Asperger's Syndrome.
  15. Bercow Review, Interim Report 2008
  16. Liberal Democrats back better support for children with special educational needs -8 March 2008
  17. Special Educational Needs (Information) Bill 2007-08 - The Bill proposes to amend the Education Act 1996 in relation to the provision and publication of information about children who have special educational needs (SEN).
  18. Interview with Sharon Hodgson MP, regarding her bill (see 3. above) Epolitix
  19. A better deal for children in need - The Conservative Party's SEN proposals 2007.
  20. House of Commons Education and Skills Committee - Special Educational Needs: Assessment and Funding Tenth Report of Session 2006-07
  21. House of Commons Education and Skills Committee - Special Educational Needs, Third Report of Session 2005-06
  22. Learning the hard way: a strategy for special educational needs - A report from CentreForum
  23. John Bercow MP: Progress on special educational needs (Epolitix)
Interesting News Stories (Open in New Window/tab)
  1. Special needs battle highlighted- Too many parents of children with special educational needs feel they have to battle the system to get what their children need (BBC News Dec 08)
  2. Do primary schools let boys down?
  3. Making a statement -While the debate about SEN has centred on mainstream v special schools, what's been overlooked are the actual needs of parents and children- The Guardian May 8 2008
  4. Parents of Special Needs Children Forced to go Private - The Guardian Jan 2008

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