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We have developed a number of resources here at SNJ to help you navigate the the new-look jungle.

  • They include our popular FLOW CHARTS that we developed in cooperation with the Department for Education. There are four charts, showing the flow for SEN Support, Requesting an EHCP, an EHCP assessment and When disagreements happen.
  • We have made the DfE's GLOSSARY, as seen in the SEND Code of Practice, more accessible
  • And some of our posts that feature useful SEND resources - some are displayed in the carousel below that you can click through to.

If you have a resource you'd like to share with us, visit our RESOURCE HUB

Ofsted explains its new way of reporting on SEND provision in education
Relentlessly unlawful LA decisions are damaging children and forcing the SEND Tribunal into crisis
Our LA left us feeling so abused 
we escaped to Scotland for a better life with our SEND son
EHCP Annual Review: Our stats show there’s nothing annual about them…
SEND Tribunal trial extended – but it needs more than just time to be a success
When is a significant injustice to a disabled child, not
a significant injustice?
The DfE wants to stop LAs filling SEND funding gaps
A setback at the High Court, but parents’ SEND Action goes on
A free SEND legal advice clinic to guide you through the jungle
SEND audited: Is the system affordable? What’s the alternative?
What does ‘£700 million for SEND’ actually mean in reality?
Judge: A remarkable achievement for parents to take the government to court
The government’s legal day of reckoning looms, as families challenge over SEND failures
People power! Parents and disabled children march to end the #SENDcrisis
EHCPs in 2019: Bedded in, or bogged down?
Today we make history, taking to the streets in protest to end the #SENDNationalCrisis
SEND inquiry takedown: Parents Vs DfE
The DfE’s out of SEND Funding ideas. Can you help out?
Are EHCP Annual Reviews being unlawfully delayed by too-busy LAs?

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