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We have developed a number of resources here at SNJ to help you navigate the the new-look jungle.

  • They include our popular FLOW CHARTS that we developed in cooperation with the Department for Education. There are four charts, showing the flow for SEN Support, Requesting an EHCP, an EHCP assessment and When disagreements happen.
  • We have made the DfE's GLOSSARY, as seen in the SEND Code of Practice, more accessible
  • And some of our posts that feature useful SEND resources - some are displayed in the carousel below that you can click through to.

If you have a resource you'd like to share with us, visit our RESOURCE HUB

SEND inquiry takedown: Parents Vs DfE
The DfE’s out of SEND Funding ideas. Can you help out?
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SEND inspections: what do Ofsted and CQC inspectors really think?
SEND parents tell Ofsted its new draft inspection framework lets vulnerable learners down
Phase Transfer deadline: what to do if your child’s EHCP isn’t finalised on time
Getting Help with EHCPs: Be Careful Out There!
SEND children are being “traumatised” by not getting the help they need in schools
The SEND Jungle 2018: The year parents roared
What costs £103.7 million and makes disabled children miserable?
Using the Monitoring Officer to hold councils to account for housing, education and social services
The struggle in SEND hurts us all. It’s a sign of society gone wrong
The devastating impact of the SENCo workload
Misinformation and misconceptions: Busting some SEND law myths
Will teachers strike over cuts to SEND and schools? Education union leaders tell us ‘Enough is enough’
Nine out of 10 parents fear for their deaf child’s education amid the SEND crisis
Half-a-billion pound funding gap for SEND says Local Government Association

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