Can I record school meetings?

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Can I record school meetings?

Parent Question:

I wondered where I stand if I want to record meetings with school/LA. To date I've not had an honest account at any meeting although I do take someone to make notes.

I have been continually told that there is a difference between in the notes taken and nothing has been done! I'm positive the school will not agree to being recorded as they seem to have too much to hide but so far it has been the word of the school is considered more reliable than that of the parent; this incorrect information is being used in official reports and I am being ignored.

ipsea answers

IPSEA Answers:

You should not record meetings with a school or the LA covertly. I suggest that first you raise your concerns with them in writing giving specific examples where things have been recorded inaccurately. Then notify them that as a result of your experiences that you will be openly recording all meetings from now on but that you will consider any alternative strategy they may like to suggest to address the issues you have raised.

Your trust in the school/LA has obviously been seriously eroded by your past experiences. They need to work on earning that trust back. Under the Children and Families Act 2014 s.19 the LA have a duty to take into account your views, wishes and feelings. Unless they have been formally notified of them – in writing - they can’t even begin to start addressing them.