Where can I get advice on managing my appeal?

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Where can I get advice on managing my appeal?

Parent Asks:


I am appealing my daughter's placement named on her EHC plan, and she has had an independent Educational Psychologist (EP)  Psych assessment arranged by her solicitor. TheEP discussed my daughter with the placement, and as a result, the LA has offered a different (unsuitable) placement. The EP has destroyed our case. Surely, she should not have shared any information with any person connected with the LA, and she is acting on behalf of my daughter?


IPSEA Answers:

IPSEA provides information, advice and support concerning the legal framework for the identification, assessment and provision of special educational needs and provision. Your question would appear to be outside our remit. The Information Commissioner is an independent authority which deals with data privacy for individuals and they might be able assist: Home | ICO , Contact us. We would also suggest that you raise your concerns with the professional involved.