How do I know if we have reasonable support?

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How do I know if we have reasonable support?


A pupil has been in Year One of state maintained school for five weeks due to family relocation. The school was unaware of autism diagnosis until he arrived. Since arrival, school has assessed his needs and asked for specialist input, asked the LA to assess for EHCP, advertised for 1:1 full time LSA. Meanwhile he has 1:1 morning support and is collected just before lunch.

What should the mother do next? She has met with the headteacher who has advised what the school is doing. Should the school be doing more? Or should the LA be doing more? The EHCP was put in place within the first two weeks of arriving at the school. One specialist teacher has been in to offer advice but the school is still waiting for autism advisor to come (request was made a few weeks ago). Is this an illegal exclusion? Been part-time educated for five weeks.

ipsea answers

IPSEA Answers:

This question is not straightforward as there are further questions that would need to be answered in order to advise properly. The LA ultimately has the legal duty to put the appropriate special educational provision in place so that the child can be in full-time education.

If school/LA were not made aware of the child’s potential SEN arising from his diagnosis before his arrival in the school then the question now is whether the approach being taken and the speed with which they are tackling the assessments of his needs and the provision to meet those needs is reasonable. You need to call IPSEA for specific advice.