Should I request a statutory assessment for my child?

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Should I request a statutory assessment for my child?

Parent Question:

I was hoping we could request a statutory assessment under the new SEN reform but it seems we can't as he is progressing in academic areas. He has SEN support at school but his plan is not followed well. He has ASD and his main problems are anxiety, sensory modulation difficulties and need for predictability.

School report they do not see any anxiety. When we have commissioned observations from private therapists they do see it but he does not display challenging behaviour or disrupt learning for others. He is still achieving but at what cost to his mental health. He has lots of support at home and we have engaged private services. I feel we are been penalised for helping him as much as we can and regarding school he is becoming physically ill and is miserable. Should such circumstances not still be entitled to a holistic statutory assessment.

ipsea answers

IPSEA Answer:

If your son has SEN (which it sounds as though he has already been identified as having) and may need an EHC plan in place to ensure he gets the right special education support then you should go ahead and ask for a statutory assessment to be carried out.

The legal test for when an LA must carry out an EHC needs assessment is in fact very low. Academic progress is only one strand of education. What is important is to consider his wider educational needs which include the ability to participate socially, cope with his learning environment and participate in all school activities including break and lunchtimes.

Yes, look at his academic progress but also his other needs. Also it is common for children with the type of issues you describe to have spiky profiles, i.e. to be making progress is some areas but to be unable to generalise and replicate this in other areas.

It is concerning that the school has not observed his anxiety. Is it because he does not display it at school (only at home) or is it because they are not trained to see it? It is better to get this question answered now before things potentially escalate for him and he starts developing an aversion to going to school. By carrying out an EHC needs assessment the LA gather the evidence on which they can decide whether he needs an EHC plan put in place or not. Without doing this they cannot know the full extent of his special educational needs