Applied for Statement, now at Appeal, should it be a Statement or EHC Plan?

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Applied for Statement, now at Appeal, should it be a Statement or EHC Plan?

Parent Question:

I am helping a family go through the appeal statementing process. We are collecting new evidence and collating existing.  The statement application was rejected in May of this year, so we are still talking about obtaining a statement, although as I understand it new statements can no longer be initiated, as EHC Plans are now in existence. So are we following Statement rules or EHC ones?

ipsea answers

IPSEA Answers:

I presume you are at the first stage – requesting a statutory assessment and that is what the LA is refusing to do? Before a statement under the old system or an EHC plan is issued then a LA must carry out a statutory assessment of a child or young person’s needs. Please look at the IPSEA website to see if this is in fact what you are doing.

If you are appealing this decision and the original application was made before 1 September 2014 the Tribunal when they hear the case will be considering the test under the old law. If they find in your favour then (if parents agree) the Tribunal can order the LA to carry out an EHC needs assessment under the new law. Otherwise, the Tribunal will order the LA to carry out the old statutory assessment process under the old law.

If this is something that you are not familiar with then please seek advice from someone who does know. It is complicated at the moment for these cases that were mid-way when the change happened. If you get it wrong the family’s appeal may well falter as a result.