Flexi-schooling for SEN children

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Flexi-schooling for SEN children

Parent Question:

I have been looking into flexi-schooling for my autistic son.

I attended a presentation at the TES SEN show by the Hollinsclough school who advised their LA has prevented them using flexi schooling for children with statements. Please can you advise if Flexi Schooling is not an option for children with Statements as I was very much hoping to explore this option.

ipsea answers

IPSEA Answers:

The term “flexi schooling” can cover many different approaches – e.g. a mix of special school/mainstream school; school/elective home education; ABA programme/school. You first need to be clear what you mean by it. Once you are then you need evidence that this approach to educating your child is effective given his special educational needs and the special educational provision identified through the assessment process and specified in his statement or EHC plan. If you then request that this particular approach to education is adopted for your child the LA must then consider it and if they say no give a reasoned explanation based on his individual situation.

No LA can have a blanket policy that any particular approach to education is “not an option”. For your child it may well be the best option. Remember that for those children and young people with an EHC plan that the LA has a duty to support them to achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes under s. 19(d). If your child has a statement they will be transferred onto an EHC plan at some point before April 2018.